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Did you know that Rifleman was not an officially recognised rank in the British Army until 1923?

Despite the creation of the Experimental Corps of Riflemen (later The Rifle Brigade) as a Rifle regiment in 1800 and the re-designation of the 60th (Royal American) Regiment as a Rifle Corps in 1824, the most junior rank in both regiments and universally across the infantry and cavalry remained Private until 1923.

During the 19th and early 20th century Privates in the 60th, The Kingís Royal Rifle Corps and The Rifle Brigade were often referred to as Riflemen. The War Office, however, resisted calls for a change in rank title until finally relenting in 1923.

In June 1923 the War Office published Army Order No: 222. This stated that:

In future, private soldiers of the following corps will be described as shown:

Cavalry of the Line: Trooper
Foot Guards: Guardsman
Fusilier Regiments: Fusilier
Rifle Regiments: Rifleman

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